Representation on the Line : (Un)framing our Identities Exhibition

The Royal Photographic Society Hundred Heroines and The Royal Photographic Society has curated an exhibition titled Reprsentation on the line : (Un)framing our identities part of Photo London. The Collaborative Exhibition explores themes of identity and representation by 25 females photographers.

Images © the photographer
Top Row: Chin We (L) Jo Stapleton (R)
2nd Row: Safeena Chaudhry (L) Sophie Ellen (R)
3rd Row: Evelyn Havinga (L) Dawn Mander (R)
4th Row: Evelyn Havinga (L) Julie Hovve (R) Dawn Mander (bottom)
5th Row: Emma Freeman (L) Laura Mallett (Middle) Marianne van Loo (R)

Participating Photographers

Adele Mary Reed
Becky Warnock
Charlotte Colenut
Chin We
Dawn Mander
Ellie Ramsden
Elizabeth Orcutt
Emma Freeman

Evelyn Havinga
Gabrielle Eber
Jannica Honey
Jo Stapleton
Julia Hovve
Keeley Bentley
Kendall Kirkwood
Kim Shaw

Laura Mallet
Lina Ivanova
Lucy Bentham
Marianne van Loo
Marysa Dowling
Nicola Davison Reed
Safeena Chaudhry
Sophie Ellen

Sonia Lenz

The Exhibition runs from 19th May – 30th June 2019

Venue : 19 Mallord Street, London SW3 6AP
Opening Times : Wednesday-14:00 – 19:00 Friday- 12:00 -18:00 Saturday- 11:00-18:00

The venue is fully accessible via the ramp

Extended opening hours fror the Kensington and Chelsea Arts Weekend (28th -30Th June 2019)

On your way to the exhibition why not pick up a coffee and cake on your way to the Exhibition? Peggy Porschen 219 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EJ
Peggy Porschen creates the most wonderful cakes. And for the visitors to the Exhibition they’re offering a complimentary hot drink or ice tea with any patisserie counter purchase. Just quote “hundred heroines” at the till.

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