Chinwe Presents IFE NKILI, an annual Black women’s arts festival




IFE NKILI is an annual Black women’s arts festival celebrating the beauty of black culture, identity and heritage. “Ife Nkili” is a phrase from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria which means “come and see beauty, beauty to behold . . .”

This pioneering festival supported and funded by Arts Council England seeks to deconstruct the perceptions of Black women in art, photography, music, film and literature as passive by bringing 17 UK BLACK WOMEN ARTISTS to the forefront. This year’s DIGITAL festival will feature a selection of visual artists, creatives, creators and performers in one continuous, uninterrupted, seamless, beautifully “fringe” arts festival of amazing artistry, music and expression.

IFE NKILI provides a space to celebrate, showcase and honour what Black women artists do. The focus is to promote, develop and celebrate creativity in different genres 

The necessity of IFE NKILI highlights the work of Black women artists cannot be overstated. IFE NKILI‘s mission is to uplift the voices of creativity of Black women reminding us all of how Black women and art that they produce are for the community, the society and the world at large. 


Chin We is an award -winning visual artist, curator and art making philosopher. She expresses her ideas through the medium of photography, film and mixed media. Her work explores themes and issues of social/cultural identity, culture, representation, heritage and the African diaspora. Chin We is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. Her work has been published on CNN and several other publications. She was featured on CNN as one of the leading African heroine women photographers, nominated for RPS 100 heroines by the Royal Photographic Society England and won an honourable mention award in the People-Portrait Category in International Photography Awards (IPA) 2018.


IFE NKILI will be streamed via YouTube in OCTOBER 2021 during Black History Month


More details and information coming soon . . . 


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