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Just a Band is a Kenyan house/funk/disco band whose career was launched with their debut album, Scratch to Reveal, in 2008. Their music has explored various musical directions such as jazz, hip-hop, disco, and electronica. The band are also notable for their DIY aesthetic. In addition to writing, recording and engineering their music, the band creates their own music videos, packaging and promotional items  and incorporating anime and animation, illustration and photography in their visual campaigns.


Here’s their first single, “Winning In Life”, from as-yet-untitled fourth album! Starring Kui Kariuki, Kwach Willy, Patrick Otityo, The Kenya Krack Kommando Bodaboda Stunt Team



“Huff + Puff” the third promo produced for their second album, 82. The song at the tail end of the video is “Tingiza Kichwa”, also from the album.


“Makmende Returns” for Just A Band’s second promo from their second album, “82”. The song in the credits is “Forever People (Do It So Delicious)”, also from the album




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