Live From Mogadishu, Journey To Help End The War

This is a documentary film LIVE FROM MOGADISHU and a  SOMALI HIPHOP’S  group Waayaha Cusub,s JOURNEY TO HELP END THE WAR



Somali rapper Shiine Akhyaar, singer Falis Abdi, and their hiphop group “Waayaha Cusub” lead a movement to persuade youth around the Somali world to turn away from extremism and violence and help end the war. The film covers their dangerous journey and climaxes as they perform and produce the historic Mogadishu Music Festival in war torn Somalia. The Somali hiphop group risks everything to overcome war and produce the historic Mogadishu music festival.


Check out the video below to watch LIVE FROM MOGADISHU and the Somali music group Waayaha Cusub pushing back against extremism


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